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Fudj rejoins Patchwork!

Fudj is back as a partnered content creator!

Patchwork departs with VALORANT roster

We say a bittersweet farewell to our first VALORANT team!

Smash Bros. vs VALORANT

When players of two games collide… who is the most sus? 

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Learn more about our newest signings!

We are looking to branch out to other eSports and gaming opportunities in due course, so stay tuned! There is a lot more to come.

Meet The Owners

The evil owners. Learn more about the people behind the team! Their vision is to create a team where its players are given the chance to grow both as players and content creators. 

Trainee Solicitor, Evertonian and the top Banjo & Kazooie player in Europe. Moke is excited to see how Patchwork can grow with new players and new games moving forward.

He sits in the top balcony at every Everton home match. 

Mike "Moke" Craig

Co-Founder, Patchwork

IT manager, definitely not an Evertonian and still figuring out how a Gamecube controller works, cousin boneless is excited to see the influx of content Patchwork has planned.

His favourite cocktail is a Piña Colada.

Dev "cousin boneless" Gonsai

Co-Founder, Patchwork

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