Patchwork is delighted to announce the acquisition of LAGOS as our VALORANT pro roster! VALORANT is Riot Games’ new tactical first-person shooter, blending a mix of tactical gameplay from the likes of Counter-Strike with typical hero abilities seen in games such as Overwatch. One of the best up-and-coming teams in Europe, LAGOS consists of Jake ‘Monstrum’ Byrne, Olly ‘Husky’ Gollings, Josh ‘xyta’ Jones, Ben ‘Benzki’ Price, Joe ‘Hyperzxz’ Young alongside their coach Andrew ‘Resu’ Robson.

Ahead of this announcement, we sat down with Patchwork’s management and the new players to ask a few questions about the roster and the goals for the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour.

Players Interview

PW: The core three players of Monstrum, xyta and Benzski have been there from the beginning – how did you three meet?

Ben ‘Benzki’ Price: Myself, Josh (xyta) and Jake (Monstrum) have been together for a pretty long time now, probably close to 9 months. I met Josh from Counter-Strike and I’ve got on well with him ever since – we’d spoken to each other a lot at events and we ended up creating a team a couple of months before VALORANT.

When VALORANT came out, we fell in love with it and it didn’t take long to see the possibilities and opportunities. We decided to leave Counter-Strike behind and start a team which we played in for a while, gaining experience until we met Jake when trialling people.

Instantly upon meeting Jake, we realised his potential and how much of a great personality he was, it was very clear we would get on well. I think he’s made amazing progress and will keep on getting better and better.

PW: With VALORANT being a very new game and esport – what previous games did you come from before VALORANT, and what made you want to switch?

Josh ‘xyta’ Jones: Most of us have a background in Counter-Strike, with me, Benzki, Husky and Resu all playing at a decent level within the UK. Hyperzxz also played Counter-Strike but mainly played PUGs [pick-up games] while working up through the lower ESEA leagues.

The one anomaly being Monstrum – who seems to be God’s gift at whatever game he picks up. In Fortnite, he had some success with good placements and earnings while simultaneously being Top 500 in the Overwatch rankings.

Source: Riot Games

PW: You’ve gone through a couple of roster changes – how did you settle on the newer additions of Hyperzxz and now Husky?

Benzki: Since the beginning, we’ve been through a few changes, however I’m really happy with where we’ve ended up. Hyperzxz has been on the team for a while now and he’s an incredible player. His raw skill ceiling coupled with his ability to find a lot out of nothing is impressive – I’ve never seen a player be able to get out of any situation no matter how impossible it may seem.

We very recently picked up Husky from Counter-Strike. Despite his very recent transition, he’s impressed everyone. I have years of experience teaming with Olly (Husky) from several events and teams from Counter-Strike. He was my personal favourite Counter-Strike teammate and I knew he’d have the perfect skill set to transition to VALORANT and play at a high level straight away.

The team has a nice atmosphere and we’re able to talk and discuss our problems without letting them escalate. I’m very confident in our ability to win a tonne of events this year.

PW: How do you feel your coach, Resu, has been helping you?

Benzki: Our coach, Resu, has been helping us to work together in any issues or disagreements that we’ve had in-game which has made the environment a whole lot better than most teams’. His experience in communication and problem-solving has enabled us to be efficient in practice and has allowed us to learn a lot quicker than we would’ve been able to without him.

Andrew (Resu) is a great addition and rounds off our team perfectly.

PW: What drew you to the agents you play?

Monstrum was drawn to Jett and Raze as they both have lots of mobility which gives the huge potential of making plays. Both characters are also Duelists [a class of agent in VALORANT specialising in offensive abilities] which is a role that suits him perfectly, as he likes to be one of the first people in, taking the aim duels which also compliments Hyperzxz’s play-style which is why they’re our Duelist duo.

Myself and Josh were drawn to the more supportive characters of Sova and Omen, where we can control the tempo of the game and make the executive decisions on how to play each round. We felt as if it suits our way of playing a lot better and is the best role for us to play in the team.

Lastly, Olly is the Sentinel player [agents which specialise in locking down areas] for our team. His experience and play-style from Counter-Strike compliment this role perfectly. I believe he has the skills to hold a bombsite from the enemy team and play around utility on the fly very easily. This is why I decided to bring him over to VALORANT, as I believe he can settle into this role super easily.

PW: What are your goals for the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour?

Benzki: Our goal for the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour is most definitely to make it to VALORANT Champions and, I believe if we can get that far, we’ll be able to win the entire thing. It’s going to be a long year of grinding but, I am more than confident we’re putting in the work to be one of the best teams by the end of the year. We have the skill and the work ethic to make it happen.

VALORANT Champions is the culmination of the entire VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 ending a year of regional competition with a global champion. Source: Riot Games

Management Interview

PW: What is it about VALORANT that made you interested in entering the scene?

Boma ‘Junko’ Iringe: Moke and I have played a lot of VALORANT since the game’s launch and Riot’s tenure in esports along with our general enjoyment of the game lead us to garner interest in pursuing VALORANT for Patchwork. We ran ‘We Are VALORANT’ and had a lot of success and even got to bridge the gap between some of our Smash community with new people from the VALORANT community. Naturally, our interest in the game and successful event in We Are VALORANT lead to us scouting for a team to move Patchwork in a new direction.

Mike ‘Moke’ Craig: VALORANT is a game that we’ve been eagerly monitoring since launch. We dipped our toes into the scene around Summer 2020 with our first community tournament, ‘We Are VALORANT’, and it now feels like the right time to properly enter the competitive landscape. This next step feels like a very natural progression for Patchwork given the decent overlap we have with our existing Smash audience, our confidence in Riot’s esports plans for 2021 and our overall love for playing and watching this game.

We Are VALORANT was a Patchwork community tournament ran in June 2020. Source: Patchwork

PW: What made you interested in this team of players?

Moke: We had a very strong first impression with this group of players. There’s a clear competitive drive that’s matched with a balanced professionalism and a commitment to compete at the higher levels. The roster has put together a strong foundation to build from in order to be able to challenge teams right at the very top. 

Importantly, the players are also very personable; they crucially understand the impact that content and social media marketing have in growing their own brands. This is something we’re excited to get involved with. 

PW: What are your goals for this roster of players?

Moke: The start of the VALORANT Champions Tour is just around the corner – there’s a shared confidence that this team can go far in the open qualifiers. There’s an exciting six weeks ahead and we know that our team is going to be ready. 

Both the players and our organisation share a strong, mutual desire to expand our respective brands – we’re looking forward to the journey of growing with one another. We hope that fans of Patchwork will continue their historic passion and support for this new roster. It’s going to be a fun ride.

About Patchwork
Patchwork Gaming Ltd. is an esports organisation created by key members of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate UK community, headed by Mike ‘Moke’ Craig and Dev ‘cousin boneless’ Gonsai. Within a few months after the organisation’s inception, Patchwork’s first signing, ‘SBF’, achieved 2nd place at the UKIE Ultimate Circuit Finale with several high placings at regional events along the way.

Patchwork aims to be an organisation focused on the combination of top-tier competitive esports, with a love for content, entertainment and strong gaming personalities. Patchwork also endeavours to support their respective games through community events such as We Are VALORANT and The Doubles Gauntlet.

VALORANT is Riot Games’ new tactical first-person shooter released on PC in 2020, blending a mix of tactical gameplay from the likes of Counter-Strike with typical hero abilities seen in games such as Overwatch.