With Albion 4 done, it almost feels like the Smash UK scene has collectively tethered up and finally reached the summit of the mountain. With Smash Ultimate singles nearly reaching a staggering 900 entrants and dozens of notable European and global threats in attendance, Albion 4 stands out to be one of the greatest Smash Ultimate tournaments to date.

Please do not misunderstand or misconstrue the above; I don’t mean one of the greatest Smash Ultimate tournaments to date in the UK or in Europe. Albion 4 stands out to be one of the greatest Smash Ultimate tournaments to date. Period.

Let’s start with a run-down of our Albion 4 top 8 combatants of Smash Ultimate Singles.

Source: @Big_Hass06 (https://twitter.com/big_hass06)

7th Place – Young Eevey (@YoungEevey)

The top 8 of Albion saw all of the household names you would expect to see at a tournament of this calibre, but it was the Dutch superstar Young Eevey who stole the hearts of many viewers. After falling to scr7 in Winner’s side, the Larry Koopa main played arguably one of the best sets at the tournament against Oryon before falling to WBC | MVD for 7th Place.

7th Place – BYOC | S1 (@S1_SSB)

With arguably one of the best European runs of the tournament, BYOC’s very own S1 was able to acquire an incredible 7th place before falling to his comrade Mr. R. After losing to LoNg0uw in Round 1 of Top 128, S1 was able to win a staggering 7 sets in a row against the likes of Elexiao, Supahsemmie and Space. I think it’s fair to say that this placement doesn’t fully paint the picture of an immaculate display from one of Holland’s finest.

5th Place – WBG | MVD (@MVD731)

PGR shoe-in and top Snake player MVD came over to Albion 4 with his eyes firmly set on the prize, but a Top 32 loss to scr7 put him in an unlikely scenario of Loser’s Round 1 of bracket – something the European scene was not expecting to see. Regardless, the Oklahoma resident made a fantastic run to the top 8, beating the likes of Streakz, iStudying and Meru before falling to fellow countryman Dabuz in Loser’s Quarters and earning a 5th place finish.

5th Place – BC | Mr. R (@Mr_RSmash)

Hot off his win at Regen 2019, Mr. R looked to make it 2 for 2 in 2019 UK tournament wins. He had an early scare in bracket, having to reverse 3-0 England’s not-so hidden boss OwlBBS in Winners side of top 128. Unfortunately for the Dutch combatant, this proved to be a dark premonition, as he was unable to make the Winner’s side of top 8, losing to Raito in Winner’s Quarters. Mr. R was able to take a set from quiK and make another remarkable reverse 3-0 to comrade S1 before bowing out of Albion 4 at a respectable 5th place to scr7.

4th Place – scr7 (@_scr7_)

As the only British representative seeded to make the Top 32 of bracket, scr7 carried the UK on his back all the way to an extraordinary 4th place finish at Albion 4. After an intense set against both MVD and Jeda, scr7 was able to make Top 8 Winner’s side in dominating style against Young Eevey, before falling to eventual grand finalists Glutonny and Dabuz in Winner’s and Loser’s Semis respectively. The Manchester native was able to also take a set from Regen 2019 winner Mr. R, throwing the discussion entirely in the air around who is currently the best player in the UK.

3rd Place – Raito (@Raito_SSB)

The man from Japan made his way to the UK and was able to make an impressive run to Winner’s Finals of Albion 4. Only losing one game prior to top 8, Raito put on a dominant display for all of Europe to witness, including a commanding 3-0 against Mr. R in Winner’s Quarters and a chess-like game 5 set with Dabuz in Winner’s Semis. The Duck Hunt representative was unable to topple Glutonny in Winner’s Finals and was unfortunately on the wrong side of revenge in Losers Finals falling to Dabuz, finishing at an incredible 3rd place.

2nd Place – TL | Dabuz (@DabuzSenpai)

Arguably the biggest name on the teamsheet at Albion 4, Team Liquid’s finest Smash Ultimate combatant Dabuz came across the pond to test his might against Europe’s finest. The US powerhouse was able to make a relatively uncontested run into Winner’s Side of Top 8, albeit a game 5 set with Oryon and his Dr. Mario, before losing to Raito in Winner’s Semis. This definitely awoke something in the New York representative, winning 3 sets in a row without dropping a game before meeting his grand final contestant. Dabuz was able to take a set from the Loser’s side but it was not enough to take the grand prize of Albion 4, finishing at 2nd place.

1st Place – Solary | Glutonny (@GlutonnySSB)

 A remarkable run from Europe’s best saw Solary’s very own Glutonny take all of the plaudits and the 1st place podium stand at Albion 4. The Wario mastermind was able to beat all that opposed him in his run to the grand prize, defeating the likes of Meru, Raito, scr7 and CurryG and making his way into the Winner’s side of Grand Finals. It was there he met his bracket demon Dabuz, which proved to be the hardest challenger and biggest obstacle yet. However, nothing was stopping the French phenomenon from taking the final Albion title, taking the second set of Grand Finals over his most difficult opponent to date and finishing at an astonishing and ultimately deserving 1st place.

And with that, Albion turns its final page and closes its books for good. A fantastic set of tournaments that saw over 1000 unique combatants over its 4 iterations, each getting more and more impressive than the last. However, this is not the end for Smash UK’s tournament scene – no no, this is merely one station stop on the never-ending locomotive of Smash Ultimate’s journey. There are still topics at hand and tournaments to run, so what’s next?

The end of an Era – DAT team evolution

Credit: @VerdJack (https://twitter.com/VerdJack)

With Albion 4 coming to a close, it is with much regret that we say goodbye and good luck to some of the finest tournament organisers to ever do it in the UK. DAT team loses 3 of its key members in G-P, Eve and DX17. As some of the founding members of DAT team, G-P, Eve and DX commonly hosted the mecca of UK Smash 4 monthly tournaments in DAT BlastZone alongside all previous Albion iterations. With Albion 4 being the biggest and best yet, it only seems fitting to bow out after such an incredible run.

From everyone here at both Patchwork and in the Smash UK community, we can only thank you for being part of the team to host the greatest ever Smash tournament in the UK, and we wish you all the best in the future, be it within the Smash scene or otherwise.

We’ve walked 500 miles… let’s walk 500 more

Credit: @VerdJack (https://twitter.com/VerdJack)

It’s hard to think about Smash Ultimate in the UK after Albion. It feels like a lot of the last 6 months within the scene has been in anticipation for Albion 4, and now that it’s over, it’s difficult to imagine what the next steps are. For DAT team, a reunification of responsibilities and organisation is of course needed, but for the wider UK scene, what are the next tournaments, and how do you top Albion 4? Fret not, as the numerous teams within the UK are already plotting their next moves, with the aforementioned DAT team, StreetSmash Manchester, the NESA team and Team Regen to name a few all looking to build and capitalise upon a fantastic event.

Who is zee bes?

Credit: @VerdJack (https://twitter.com/VerdJack)

Of course, with scr7’s insane bracket run at Albion 4; the discussions will inevitably arise once more around who is currently the best Smash Ultimate player in the UK. Whilst we plan on writing a much more detailed and nuanced article about this in anticipation for the UK power rankings, there are a collection of players that can and should still be considered for number 1. scr7 could be considered number 1 after his incredible run at Albion 4. London eSport’s Peli (@PeliSSB) will always be in the mix for number 1 after his dominance in the early meta, as well as taking a recent set from scr7 at Bailrigg 8. CurryGovernor (@germainethoo) could also be earmarked for that top placing, being the 3nd highest placing UK rep at Albion 4 alongside Streakz, and consistently beating scr7 at previous tournaments. Finally, Streakz (@Streakz100) has been dominating the London scene for over 5 months and has no plans of stopping, with good set records against all of the aforementioned players. An interesting time, to say the least.

All on the line – Syndicate 2019

Of course, the big news from Albion 4 was the announcement and return of the Syndicate series, which opens its doors to 1500 combatants across multiple games – of course, including Smash Ultimate. The Dutch scene have already done so much for European smash, and it is amazing to see Syndicate come back for another iteration of its highly acclaimed tournament series. As the next European major, all eyes are set on all performers at Albion 4 – can the over-performers make another solid run and prove that Albion 4 wasn’t just a one-and-done? Can the under-performers prove to the doubters that Albion 4 was simply a blip on the radar? Either way, Syndicate 2019 is poised to be an incredible event that is looking to continue the story that Albion 4 laid out.