Over the next eight weeks we’ll be profiling our illustrious Revival invitees, starting off with Rhami ‘RAMBOSS’ Halawi!

When it comes to Arcadian tournaments, there’s an old idea that the winner is destined to go on to join the elite level in a respective game. We saw this with Le Goat in Smash 4, we’ve seen this in the UK Melee scene, but at New Era 2, the UK’s first Ultimate Arcadian, RAMBOSS saw that top prize slip through his fingertips. He fell to Naxdy in an agonising Game 5, last hit scenario after the bracket had already been reset in Grand Finals. 

Many would have forgiven RAMBOSS if that defeat had taken a toll on him and severely deflated his confidence. Instead, the future looks very bright for a player widely regarded as one of the most technical Samus players in Europe. 

RAMBOSS did not have too many opportunities to compete offline in the aftermath of New Era 2; placing a respectable 49th at Valhalla III, defeating Ramses in the process. Before we knew it, lockdown had begun and the era of online Smash took hold. Online Smash has proven divisive for a number of players across the whole world, but RAMBOSS has embraced the benefits of online with open arms.

Where others have derided its differences with traditional offline, RAMBOSS took online in stride; focussing on how he could use it as a tool to learn and improve. In May 2020, he pioneered the ‘European All-Stars’, a competitive practice Discord server that matched players with peers of their respective skill level. The stakes of promotion to each ‘Division’ added motivation for newer players to climb the rankings; fostering a healthy environment for improvement. 

We’ve seen RAMBOSS’ positive approach already begin to pay off, with him taking sets from Otakuni, Sisqui, Le Goat and even Goblin (Ranked #42 in the world) within the last year. 

For many people, it feels like a matter of time before RAMBOSS officially lands himself on the UK Power Rankings. Will he make his first bold statement of intent at Revival? 


1. Have you played much online Smash during lockdown?

I unfortunately played lots of online smash, it was a weird transition from having 3 weekly offline locals and a monthly major. I competed in lots of online tournaments to fill the void while beating a lot of expectations with great results. I also really enjoyed creating a central European grind server for high – top level players to better enjoy their experience of playing online. 

2. How confident do you feel going into Revival? 

Currently I would say I am 80% confident, I feel like I improved greatly where I can go toe to toe with the best that the UK has the offer. I do have my doubts considering this would be the return of offline events for me after a year and three months of playing online, but I feel like I can try to adapt as best I can till then while completing my training for the event. 

3. Which invitee do you think will have improved the most during lockdown? 

I wish I could say someone else other than myself but I do feel like compared to the other invitees I would have committed the most to online events in all forms with crew battles, tournaments and matchmaking. I feel like I am a different player then how I was at the start of the lock-down but I am sure the others feel the same way too in some regard. 

4. What are your Smash goals heading into post-lockdown offline Smash?

I look forward to the return of regional/national power ranks and my goal has always been since the start of being a competitive player to be the best in the UK. Reaching this goal may be difficult with my studies and the great talent that there is in the UK but I have every reason to believe that my dedication and perseverance will help me realize this and more on a national to European scale. 

5. Prediction for 1st place at Revival? (offline main event)

I believe first place will go to OwlBBs. He is one of the select few to utilize online events and his motivation to grind and aim for the top will carry on with this event thanks to his wild unpredictable play-style to go with it. Otherwise I would go with Bloom4eva if they end up winning the online qualifier tournament for the final spot.