Lockdown came at a bad time for some, but at a seemingly worse time for others. For Adeeb ‘UrbanTurban’ Mahmood, it’s hard to ignore the momentum he was building offline before his rise was unceremoniously cut short by the pandemic.

In the weeks leading up to the end of March 2020, UrbanTurban placed first at Wake Up on Trent 2, top three at THS Civil War, and top eight at both Super SmashPoint 3 and Bailrigg 10. During these events, he took sets from the likes of SBF, Stranger, Moke, Lucretio and even Marisa, the UK’s #1 ranked player. Before this impressive run of results, there was only one word to describe UrbanTurban’s Smash Ultimate career – inconsistent.

A player who seems to thrive on the big occasion when the stakes are high, UrbanTurban’s résumé of wins is as strong as almost anyone’s in the UK. He famously placed top five at Regen 2019; finding himself in Winners Semi-Finals against Mr R, having overcome Khanage, Lucretio, Crispy and Shido back to back.

UrbanTurban’s Achilles’ heel, strangely enough, has been a mix of mid to high level players that have brought an early end to many of his bracket runs. His strongest performances are interspersed between other disappointing results such as placing 33rd at New Era 2 and 257th at Syndicate 2019. UrbanTurban’s impressive list of wins is compounded by his equally perplexing list of losses. 

It’s hard to determine which version of UrbanTurban will turn up on a given day, which is arguably what has kept him out of the conversation on the UK’s absolute elite. However, Revival seems like an environment that may suit him. Surrounded only by other elite UK players, he may find himself seemingly in his comfort zone; away from the uncertainty and random elements that often come from fighting players from different tiers. 

The online era has proven a mixed bag for UrbanTurban. While he has continued to use online as a hub for practice, his online tournament results have been underwhelming. As a reactive player known for his split second hard reads, this may not be too surprising to some, but it will be interesting to see what sort of form UrbanTurban emerges in when he comes back to offline. Which version of UrbanTurban will turn up to Revival? It’s anyone’s guess. 


1. Have you played much online Smash during lockdown? 

I entered wifi brackets at the start, but lost to Steves and Bayonettas so lost motivation quickly.

2. How confident do you feel going into Revival? 

I’m not unconfident, but the players are very good so I’m just happy to be there and participate.

3. Which invitee do you think will have improved the most during lockdown? 

CurryGovernor, I reckon he’s a secret wifi grinder.

4. What are your Smash goals heading into post-lockdown offline Smash?

I beat most Northern top players before lockdown so after lockdown I’ll try to beat some of the Southern top players. 

5. Prediction for 1st place at Revival? (offline main event)