The first ever Smash Bros. Ultimate UKIE Circuit comes to a head the weekend of December 6th, with the Last Chance Qualifier and the Circuit Finale to take place on Saturday and Sunday respectively. The culmination of competitive events throughout the year has finally paid dividends for some of the higher level players of the UK, with the best of the rest looking to cement themselves a place in a last-ditch attempt for the final prize.

The Last Chance Qualifier (also known as the LCQ) will take place on Saturday December 6th and will serve as the final attempt for players to try to get into the UKIE Circuit Finale, taking place the following day on December 7th. The four highest placers of the Last Chance Qualifier will take part in the UKIE Finale alongside the 16 entrants that have already qualified through earning enough points in the UKIE Circuit rankings.

RankingPlayer NamePointsNotable Character(s)
3Peli535Dedede, Sonic, Snake
4SBF500Wario, Pichu
5Bulby456Game & Watch, Snake
6Streakz345Wolf, Snake, Chrom
7Afro Smash338Samus, Incineroar
10OwlBBs270Banjo, Joker, Duck Hunt, Shulk
11Ander253Pokemon Trainer, Pikachu
12demon_B246Zelda, Chrom
14Le Goat229Greninja, Joker, Richter
15*Crispy215Meta Knight
15*aperture215Inkling, Sonic

The LCQ runs like many other traditional Smash Ultimate competitive tournament would; a double elimination bracket from pools up until the finals. However, there are a number of players that will be exempt from pools due to accruing enough points to be floated into the top 32 bracket. (Asterisk denotes the player has not signed up at the time of writing)

RankingPlayer NamePointsNotable Character(s)
17Willz202Snake, Cloud, Wario
19*Dayman175Peach, Daisy
21*Spenpai171Fox, Joker
24*Moke142Banjo, Greninja
27Tigerton121Roy, Shulk
29Reecepect106Mega Man
32Focus Miss96Donkey Kong

It’s fair to say that the door is wide open for anyone to get into the finals. Here are the community’s top 4 picks for the remaining spots in the UKIE Circuit Finale.

4 – Khanage (Peach, Daisy)

UKIE Rank – 75 (29 pts.)

Credit: @VerdJack on Twitter

It’s been a bit of a tumultuous ride for Asim “Khanage” Khan in Smash Ultimate. He’s certainly not been as active as he was during his time with the Wii U installation of Smash Bros; Khanage has only attended 2 tournaments in the 2nd season of Smash Ultimate UK. With this being said, it could be difficult to see why people are holding the Peach player in such high regard from the outside looking in. 

However, quality over quantity has always been a well-proven adage for a reason, and Khanage personifies this to a tee. With a recent 2nd place finish at PogChamp 100, beating the likes of Kylethhh, G-P, C4rott and skips before eventually falling to Peli in Grand Finals, it’s safe to say the former DAT representative is looking to cross more names off his hit list.

3 – Stranger (Lucina)

UKIE Rank – 25 (127 pts.)

Credit: @VerdJack on Twitter

The Last Chance Qualifier looks to wrap up a strong season 2 of competitive Smash for Sulayman “Stranger” Ali. Currently sitting at 25th in the UKIE circuit, Stranger has wins over some of the best in the UK, and is currently the highest placing player outside of the invitees on the Boma National Ranking (or the BNR), sitting at 9th place above the likes of Streakz, Jaxter, demon_B and Afro Smash. 

The big question around Stranger’s current Smash tenure is his ability to deal with more non-traditional match-ups. This was no better described than his run at True Believer 3, where he lost to WippyM – a player that has a reputation for using out-of-the-box characters. However, it was that same tournament that Stranger beat Lucretio, CurryGovernor and Willz to take 1st place. Consistency would be a fine thing, wouldn’t it?

2 – Deon (Mii Gunner)

UKIE Rank – 41 (61 pts.)

Deon “Deon” Litchmore has made a strong resurgence into Ultimate as of recent, consistently performing well at events that he goes to. Unfortunately, those events are few and far between, with Deon only attending 3 tournaments in the second season of competitive Ultimate. To compound this, he has only attended the one tournament within the UK, finishing 9th place at BIG LAB #2.

However, Deon’s international results have certainly increased belief in the Gunner main. His other two results this season include placing 33rd at Ultimate Fighting Arena and 25th at Syndicate 2019, beating the likes of Yetey, Ogey and Mr. R in the process. Pair this with consistent results at Southern weeklies alongside wins over SBF and Crispy at regional events puts Deon in good stead for the LCQ.

1 – Kibzu (Joker)

UKIE Rank – 149 (10 pts.)

Credit: @VerdJack on Twitter

The clear favourite to not only claim a final 4 space at the Last Chance Qualifier but to take the whole LCQ bracket is Kiram “Kibzu” Ben. A recent return to the competitive scene has seen Kibzu perform to an extremely high level at the local level, getting several solid results at London weeklies and consistently attaining top 3 placements in arguably the most stacked region in Britain.

The only question around Kibzu’s performance has to be performing consistently at the highest level. It has to be said that the two outings he’s had thus far have been fruitful; with a 65th place at Syndicate and 5th at BIG LAB 2, Kibzu secured wins at the latter over Finale attendants Crispy and Le Goat before bowing out to Peli and Jaxter in Winners and Losers respectively.